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Bucadog® - Chews for Large Dogs

Dental Care Chews for Fresh Breath and Clean Teeth

  • Bovine rawhide chews coated with tooth-friendly enzymes for medium - large dogs
  • Provides mechanical cleansing for the teeth
  • Pack size 141 g (net weight, the number of chews may vary)

Bucadog® Chews satisfy your dog’s natural urge to chew while providing mechanical cleansing for the teeth. These chews are coated with whey protein, a natural source of dental friendly enzymes that help support good oral health.

Complementary feed for dogs.

Product details

  • Recommended amount:
    1 chew daily after feeding.

    For the best result combine Bucadog® chews with regular brushing of the teeth with Aptus Bucadog® Gel.

    Never leave your dog unattended with chews.

    For dogs > 20 kg give BUCADOG® Chews for Large Dogs.
    For dogs < 20kg give BUCADOG® Chews for Small Dogs.

  • Rawhide (bovine) (98,3%), water, hydrolysed vegetable protein, whey powder (0,02%).

    Nutritional additives Technological additives
  • Crude protein 91,4 %
    Fat content 3,1 %
    Crude fibre 1,1 %
    Inorganic matter 3,6 %
    Moisture 13,4 %
    Energy content 16,8 MJ/kg

  • Store at room temperature (15–25°C).
    Keep out of reach and sight of children and animals.