We are here to build well-being and improve the health of all creatures great and small. At Orion Pharma Animal Health, we take pride in offering not only high-quality veterinary products and services, but also the latest scientific knowledge related to them. We have the utmost respect for our veterinary clients and want to support them in the best way we can by providing reliable solutions that make their hectic working lives run more smoothly. The same applies to livestock producers, who can trust our products to improve the well-being of their animals in a sustainable way. Another, equally important part of our mission is to help pet owners give longer and healthier lives to their furry friends, who often mean the world to them.

In today’s changing world, we are committed to making daily life healthier and less stressful for both animals and the people who care for them.

We want to be the most people-friendly company in animal health, the kind that everyone wants to join or collaborate with. We care deeply about animals — we would not be in this business otherwise — but we care just as much about each other and our network of amazing partners. We value teamwork, and we are hugely proud of and inspired by our collaborators. Our professional community consists of a variety of distinctive individuals with different interests, strengths and areas of expertise, and what unites us is a shared sense of enthusiasm, optimism and curiosity to explore new ideas. Everybody’s voice is equally important, and we believe that innovations are born out of courage and freedom to create.

We envision a world in which the animal health sector drives positive change, leading to the restoration of natural diversity and the balance between humankind and nature. We cannot change everything alone, but we can do our part in addressing important animal health challenges by focusing on our areas of expertise. It is our firm belief that when we all come together, it is possible to change course and give this planet a healthier tomorrow.