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Eye Gel™

Instant, Long-lasting Lubrication and Comfort. Preservative-free

  • Artificial tears for dogs and cats with 0.30% sodium hyaluronate and glycerine
  • With linear sodium hyaluronate and lubricating glycerine
  • Pack size 10 ml

The viscoadaptive formulation combines linear sodium hyaluronate with lubricating glycerin. Together, these biopolymers promote excellent coating and recoating of the surface of the eye, refreshing and stabilising the tear film with every blink for an extended period of time. The gentle, non-irritating, preservative-free formula is supplied in a sterile one-way valve bottle.

Eye gel for dogs and cats.

Product details

  • Use to lubricate your pet’s eye(s).

    Recommended amount:
    Apply 1 drop to the eye(s) as needed. Repeat as
    often as required.

    1. Wash hands before use.
    2. Invert the bottle and squeeze it gently until a drop forms on the tip. This may take a few seconds as the solution needs to travel through the one-way valve filtration system.
    3. With the drop suspended at the tip, carefully bring the bottle above your pet’s eye and squeeze gently until it falls in the eye. Do not touch the tip to any surface.
    4. After application shake any remaining droplet from the tip of the bottle and replace cap securely.

  • Aqua, Sodium Chloride, Sodium Hyaluronate, Glycerin, Sodium Phosphate.

  • Store at room temperature (15–25°C).
    Use within 3 months of opening.
    Keep out of reach and sight of children and animals.