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Felilysin™ Solution

L-Lysine Supplement

  • L-lysine supplement solution for cats
  • Recommended for lysine supplementation
  • 50 ml

The recommended daily serving provides 263–526 mg of l-lysine. Can be used daily or when needed.

Complementary feed for cats.

Product details

  • Recommended daily serving per cat:

    1- 2 ml.

    The solution can be mixed with food.
    Measure the recommended serving with the dropper, then mix it into the food.
    Avoid touching anything with the dropper.

  • Sodium pyrophosphate, sorbitol, yeasts, inactivated, sucrose esters of fatty acids, lupin protein meal, butter and butter products, sunflower oil.

    Nutritional additives

    L-lysine monohydrochloride (3c322) 250 mg/g
    Vitamin E (3a700) 40 IU/g

    1 ml contains:

    l-lysine 263 mg

    Technological additives

    Carrageenan (E 407), xanthan gum (E 415),
    potassium sorbate (1k202).

  • Protein 23.5%
    Crude fibre 0.2%
    Fat content 19.0%
    Inorganic matter 3.0%
    Moisture 51.0%

  • Store at room temperature (15–25°C).

    Use within 2 months of opening.

    Keep out of reach and sight of children and animals.