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Our pets truly hold a special place in our hearts 💚

At Aptus®, we believe in wagging tails and warm purrs. Our mission is to support pet families in living healthy and happy together.

We provide pet health care products with quality being our top priority. Our range consists of complementary feeds, dietetic complementary feeds and products for topical use, such as shampoo, eye drops and tooth pastes.

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As part of Orion Pharma, a Finnish pharmaceutical company with more than one hundred years of expertise, our team of in-house veterinarians, scientists and pet health experts are dedicated to improving the well-being of our animals. Our “vet approved, pet approved” guarantee ensures easy-to-use and tasty products backed by science.

Since the 2000s Aptus® products have been a reliable partner in everyday pet life, initially in Finland and gradually expanding across Sweden, Norway and Denmark to the European continent.

Our commitment to improving the health and well-being of our beloved pets remains steadfast. 

By choosing Aptus, you embrace Nordic professional expertise and quality, ensuring the very best for your pet 💚


Aptus® - Simply the pets