What is vet visit and travel anxiety in cats?

Cats feel anxious when they think there is a possible threat to their safety and security. The feeling escalates to fear when they perceive the threat becoming real. Any situation can spark anxiety in your cat, but there’s one that will almost universally distress even the calmest of kitties: vet visits, and the ride to get there. Cats feel safe and in control on their own turf, with their own people. Nothing can be more upsetting than the unpredictability of travel and new places!

Cats are solitary hunters while also being prey. Because there’s no pack to support them when things go wrong, they have a highly developed survival instinct that helps them react quickly to a perceived danger.

It is vital to recognise and manage your cat’s anxiety, especially if it prevents you from going to the vet. Routine health checks are the key to a long, healthy life. Cats are masters at hiding signs of illness and pain, and it’s not unusual that your cat develops a health condition without you even noticing. Cats also age much faster than humans: as an example, an 8-year-old cat would be 48 in human years.

If visits to the vet are difficult, don’t worry. There’s a lot you can do!
If you need more help, talk to your vet.