Welcome to the Aptus® world! 

At Aptus®, we believe in wagging tails and warm purrs. Our mission is to support pet families in living healthy and happy together 💚

We provide pet health care products with quality being our top priority. Our range consists of complementary feeds, dietetic complementary feeds and products for topical use, such as shampoo, eye drops and tooth pastes.

Since the 2000s, Aptus® products have been part of everyday pet life, starting in Finland and expanding through Sweden, Norway and Denmark to the European continent.

Learn more about our products below, grouped by product lines

Aptus® products

Pro health product


Omega-3 Omega-6 Fatty Acid Oil including EPA, DHA, ALA and LA
Pro health product

Apto-Flex Advanced™

Joint Health Solution for Dogs and Cats
Pro health product


Advanced Joint Support for Medium and Large Dogs
Pro health product

Aptus® Relax™

Support for Challenging Situations
Pro health product


Energy and Electrolytes
Pro health product


Fast-acting Relief for Upset Stomach
Pro health product


Strong Healthy Coat and Nails
Pro health product

Ear Care™

Clean and Healthy Ears

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